What Happens When a School Psychologist Questions the Anti-bullying Movement…He Get’s Bullied.

Izzy Kalman is the Author of Bullies2Buddies

What happens when a school psychologist questions the anti-bullying movement…he get’s bullied.

A leading voice and advocate of bullying prevention for many years questions some of the methodologies and research of the anti-bullying political movement. In sharing recent research that calls into question the efficacy of school-wide anti-bullying programs he gets bullied.

“Speak out against the anti-bullying political movement and get bullied. School psychologist Izzy Kalman speaks out against the false prophets of anti-bullying. He’s on the front lines fighting the good fight. Check out what happens when you try to bring wisdom and experience to the table. “The anti-bully movement has done such a phenomenal job of convincing everyone that it is good to go after ‘bullies” that many people have no interest in evidence to the contrary. Look at this response I received from one newspaper editor:

|Your logic here sucks. I’m sorry, you depend on me being stupid to take this trash seriously. You might want to run this by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. Oh. Sorry. They’re dead, as are 10 or so people who bullied them plus several innocent bystanders. But that’s just life, right? Take me off your mailing list. You’re a moron.|

Harry Jackson Jr., MS, AHCJ
Feature writer Health & Fitness
St. Louis Post-Dispatch

If Mr. Jackson is so gung-ho that children be forced to be nice to each other, why does he think it is okay to insult my logic and call me a “moron”? And he actually believes Dylan Klebald and Eric Harris were justified in killing thirteen people. What makes him better than the “bullies” he condemns? People are so eager to go after “bullies” because it is always “the other person.” Perhaps if we realized that the bullies are us, maybe we would stop supporting the hypocritical anti-bully crusade.”

Read the full article here

BPII fully supports and endorses Izzy Kalmans exemplary work in bullying prevention and applauds his positive impact in the lives of children. We are proud to be influenced by his books and bullying prevention training methods.

We applaud your efforts Mr. Kalman! Keep up the great work and shining a light in dark places.


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