New Bully Movie Aims To Improve Awareness on Bullying and It’s Consequences if Left Ignored

The Weinstein Company released a new movie called “Bully” by filmmaker Lee Hirsch that shows the harsh realities of bullying for some children. The movie is shot primarily in Sioux City, Iowa, a town representative of many places in America. According to the producers,

It’s designed to open our eyes to the dangers of bullying and the impact on the kids who get caught in the middle, but a documentary filmed in Sioux City first named the Bully Project was initially given an “R” rating due to the graphic nature of the scenes, however it has since been re-designated as PG-13 and now carries the shortened title of Bully.

It has always been the opinion of Bullying Prevention Initiative International that our campaign is about changing hearts and minds. It starts with education, training, and accountability. “That goes for all of us.”, says Bullying Specialist and founder John Nottingham.

“We have to train children, teachers, parents and educate our communities on how to address aggressive behavior, violence and take responsibility for the reality of self defense. It is being hi-jacked by politically motivated groups exploiting it for profit or even selfish motives. That is completely unnecessary and will, in my view, have similar results to the failed stranger danger movement.”

Bullying is a serious issue and is a subject that parents should discuss with their children. BPII agrees with the Weinstein Company that Bully can serve as a vehicle for such important discussions. However, it is our position that talking about it is just the beginning. A movie like this can be a vehicle to deliver an important message to raise awareness. It can be a powerful motivator and impetus for action – hopefully better questions, research and training. The tools are available. We hope that we will see a renewed commitment to self-defense bullying education and an awakening to the facts that more laws, posters and restrictions are destined to fail.

For more information on bullying prevention from professional protectors contact Bullying Prevention Initiative International on our Facebook page.


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