Anti-Bullying – Bullying Prevention The David and Goliath Approach

Do You Sometimes Feel Like This?

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How To Beat Your Bullying Problem and Face Your Giants
The David and Goliath Bullying Prevention Approach

Bullying Prevention The David and Goliath Way
Bullying Prevention Program Seeks to Change Children By Building Courage, Inner-strength and resilience – by John Nottingham

Do You Feel Like You’re Facing a Giant?
Why Do So Many Anti-Bully Programs Fail Children? Bullying Prevention Initiative International founder John Nottingham says the reason so many bullying programs fail children and families is that it attempts to manipulate external forces, rather than the internal ones causing the bullying. Many children feel trapped by a bullying situation because they are afraid to tell or believe the situation will only get worse if they do anything other than comply. Other children report that they have tried telling and nothing happens or it actually does get worse.

Anti-Bullying David and Goliath Approach of John Nottingham’s Bully Proof Vest Program
Their bullying situation leaves them feeling outmatched and like the underdog. That is why they refer to it as the David and Goliath approach. Our Bullying Prevention Program addresses this on a very practical and straight forward level for children, parents and teachers.

I have children and their parents coming into my martial arts schools exasperated with trying to deal with bullying in the manner the schools and mainstream thinking advises. We give them our proven formula for bullying prevention that has worked for thousands of men, women and children over the past twenty six years.

Bullying Prevention The Black Belt and Bodyguard Way
Master John Nottingham and his team of Black Belts and Bodyguards promote a message of hope aimed at children to help them face harassment, aggressive behavior, and torment intelligently while improving social intelligence. Their first strategy is to begin with listening; something few bullying prevention programs do. They claim to have a carefully crafted interview process that helps the child feel secure and allows them as professional protectors to offer safety and conflict resolution advice that is appropriate for that child’s unique bullying situation.

It’s interesting to me that so many experts are so quick to offer prescription without diagnosis. Studying advanced threat assessment for executive protection (body-guarding) has taught me that each potentially violent or threatening encounter should be treated individually.

Addressing Bullying From The Inside Out Rather Than The Outside In
John Nottingham, a 6th Degree Master Black Belt and security company owner points out; what would you think of your Doctor performing surgery and offering advice to you without doing tests and a proper diagnosis first? Yet this is the method for most so-called experts leading anti-bully programs. These “Anti-Bullying In-a-Box” programs disseminate generic information, put up posters, establish rules and bring in motivational speakers in the name of “awareness”. While some of it may have merit, the fact is that children are still falling through the cracks and being victimized by bullying. Encroaching on others free speech or trying to convince ourselves that we are simply going to stop others from being mean, cruel or insulting is just impractical nonsense. We must do better states Nottingham. He should know, he was bullied as a boy and can empathize with the pain of being picked on.

Rather than criticize these, albeit well-intentioned, individuals, I decided to be part of the solution and use our bodyguarding skills as professional protectors to contribute toward the solution. We train children so they develop empathy, incentivize a hero culture and instill values of right and wrong. My team and I emphasize accountability, transparency and conflict resolution skills. We help children develop inner-strength to face life’s challenges with courage and know how to access help, support and resources. Then they know they are not alone when facing their giants.

Bullying Prevention is a Self-Defense Science
These bullying prevention skills comes from his Bully Proof Vest program’s Three Shields approach of treating the children targeted with bullying, the social environment (bystanders), the bullying behavior as well as teachers and parents. Nottingham says we can only change it if we acknowledge the reality of Bullying, harassment and aggressive behavior as it relates to self-defense and human dignity, then recognize we all have a stake in the process.

Arizona Bullying Prevention Initiative – The Bully Proof Project
You will not help a child by merely fixing the problem for them. That is only temporary. If they do not develop the skills to handle bullying situations parents and teachers risk making them life long victims, or worse, avengers who take their frustration to extremes. Nottingham says this is why it is so important to start early and instill noble values and a sense of inner strength in each child.

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