Kids Say NO to Bullying, Phoenix Martial Arts Master Shows Them How

Arizona Bodyguard Creates Anti-Bullying Non-Profit Organization
How To Handle Bullying – a New Approach

Mar. 22, 2012 10:02 PM

Has Your Child Been Bullied? Have you really prepared your children for bullying?
More and more Phoenix parents are taking their children to a Bullying Prevention Specialist. Refusing to call himself an anti-bullying expert, Master John Nottingham is not only a 6th Degree Black Belt in the Martial Arts Hall of Fame, but also trains Bodyguards, law enforcement and military. For the last 26 years, he has used his skills of self defense and conflict avoidance to teach children how to handle bullying — for free.

“The new documentary movie “BULLY” may spark some interest or discussion in bullying prevention. We’re prepared to train children, teachers and parents our unique method of bullying prevention the peaceful way.” – John Nottingham

His non-profit community efforts led him to create The Arizona Bullying Prevention Initiative – The Phoenix BullyProof Project. His methods and approach so novel that others asked him for help and he has launched the Bullying Prevention Initiative International to teach other trainers, teachers, coaches and martial arts school owners. His organization is dedicated to providing educational tools and resources for bullying prevention.

The Arizona Bullying Prevention Initiative is a community organization based in Phoenix, Arizona whose mission is to empower people to be able to protect themselves from bullying with dignity and peace of mind. “I saw the children who the system has failed. They tried walking away, telling a teacher, working with parents and still have a bullying problem. Often, the bullied child is punished due to so called zero tolerance policies. We help them find clarity in a sea of confusion and comfort, inner strength and hope in the midst of torment.”, said John Nottingham, Founder. Nottingham began the bullying prevention (anti-bully is not allowed here) organization after seeing so many other failed programs that infringe on constitutional freedom of speech, put children at risk, take dignity and basic rights to self defense away from children.

“We’re offering free bullying prevention training to parents, children and teachers as well as a guide on how to stop bullying. It is our way of making a difference in our community and protect children.”, said Nottingham

Nottingham uses bodyguard techniques used to protect VIP’s, celebrities, Judges and even the President to prevent, thwart and deter bullying. More importantly, he helps children develop skills to protect themselves in the most peaceful manner and prevent the long term potential damage of bullying, Nottingham assembled a team of experts and specialists including teachers, counselors, and professional protectors then carefully designed a step by step, five lesson concept-based method that has been proven work against bullying. “The Bully Proof Vest program works because it is based on successful strategic principles that are proven in real life encounters. Our graduates learn how to spot trouble and what to do about it.”, said Nottingham.

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