Bullying Comeback Lines – Back by Popular Demand… The Bodyguard Way To Handle Bullying

Bullying Prevention Initiative International Gives Hope

We’ve had so many requests at Bullying Prevention Initiative International for bullying comeback lines that we decided to post more of them here.  These responses have come from years of testing various comeback lines to bullying, harassment, insults, aggressive behavior and taunts.  It is important to role-play and practice these until they can be delivered with an understated calm and carried by inner-strength.  

Practice makes habit. Bullying Self Defense Strategies  
Practice makes permanent so make sure you are practicing being a victor – not a victim.

Bullying bait:  “You’re gay!”        Understated answer:      “I’ve heard that before.”

Bullying bait:  “You’re dumb!”     Understated answer:     “Nice try.”

Bullying bait:  “You suck!”         Understated answer:      “Good, real good.” or “Nice, real nice.”

Bullying bait:  “I hate you!”          Understated answer:      “What do you think I could do to help you hate me less?”

Bullying bait: “Your ugly/fat/skinny”  Understated answer: “That’s what I was going for.”

Bullying bait: “Don’t say anything if you hate Julie”   Understated answer “Looks like I won’t be running for class president today.”

Bullying bait: “You’re a skank”  Understated answer: “Teacher catches you talking like that and you’re in serious trouble. I don’t want to see you busted just because you have a sense of humor so chill OK?” 

Remember that it’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.  These comeback lines must fit the situation.  Don’t count on them to be a silver bullet or magical cure for preventing bullying, however they can be a part of your BULLYING PREVENTION TOOLBOX and used as part of a plan.

Snap The Trap on the Bully with The Bullying Trap Switch

The Bullying Intercept – Pre-emptive technique for bullying prevention

Here is another technique that we will sometimes train a child to use to intercept a bullying attack is when they see the set up happening.  Bullying will usually take place in the same or similar settings… on the bus, at the bus stop, playground, gym, in the restroom, locker room or other areas that allow for isolation or control.  These are usually the areas where the teacher has less supervision or likely to be preoccupied.  

As you see the signs the you will assume the leadership role and make an announcement, “Hey everyone, Joe is about to try to insult me again today to show off his comedy routine so listen up… (stare at Joe).  Go ahead Joe we’re all listening.”     

Centered Calm – Take a Breath

Remember that it is important to deliver all of your Verbal Judo Bullying Comeback lines with inner-strength, centered calm and an unshakeable spirit.  Sometimes just taking a deep belly breath can help you respond in a better manner.

Avoid Reacting – Respond Intelligently

Reacting only fuels the fire of a bully so the goal is to starve the bullying flame of fuel.  The more understated the response, the more power you maintain.  Think of it as putting up an emotional shield when arrows of insult start to fly.


Bullying Prevention Tip: Treat everyone with respect and preserve the individuals dignity. This is one of the best ways to de-escalate a bullying situation and prevent the situation from getting worse.

Source: John Nottingham’s Bully Proof Vest – Bust Bullying Toolbox

For more Verbal Judo Bullying Comeback Lines: http://usamartialartshq.blogspot.com/2011/01/handle-bullies-with-verbal-judo.html

If you need help with bullying, don’t put it off. Contact John Nottingham at info@usa-martialarts.com.


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