Bully-Wise Program Teaches Children How To Deter Bullies, Bullying and Being Bullied

Does Your Child Know What to Do When Faced With Bullying?  Do You?

  • Will your child over-react and make bullying worse?
  • Will your child under-respond and become a victim?
  • Will your child know how to get help?
  • Will your child know how to defend himself if necessary?
It’s pretty much a given that at some point in each individual’s life they will have to face a bullying situation.  For many of us, we already have experienced the problems of bullying repeatedly.  Rather than wait to be rescued, a new approach to how to deal with bullying is shaking up the anti-bully movement by offering an alternative that empowers people – especially children.

BullyWise – The Street Smart BullyProof Program is a novel approach to bullying prevention.  Rather than the anti-bullying movements effort to seek out bullies and punish them, John Nottingham’s BullyWise BullyProof Vest seeks to equip children with the practical skills to deal with bullying the smart way.

  • Deter bullying from ever taking place by not being selected as a target
  • Detect bullying behavior early and change the course of action toward peace
  • Defuse bullying once it has begun by creating options, alternatives and redirecting behavior
  • Defend bullying as a last resort by knowing how to get help or escape to safety without fighting
John Nottingham has been training men, women and children to effectively defend themselves from bullying, aggressive behavior and various attacks for over 27 years.  His proven methods have been shared all over the world with military, law enforcement and various agencies.
He created the Bullying Prevention Initiative International and the Phoenix BullyProof Project to teach BullyWise techniques to children, parents and teachers from a professional protectors perspective.
He offers ongoing free seminars to the community to share these important tools and techniques.  He and his team can be reached at:
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The secret to our bullying prevention and self defense system is that I teach my clients to do the unexpected.  They fight fire with water and change the course of events.  It works time and time again because it is based on proven principles, strategies and philosophies. -John Nottingham, Bullying Prevention Initiative International, founder BullyWise BullyProof Vest – How To Handle a Bully Like a Bodyguard

* Upcoming BullyProof Workshop in Antioch Illinois contact USA Martial Arts Antioch and Master Brian Van Patten for details

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