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Press Release Stand4Change on Bullying

  PR info for Stand4Change.org and “Defeat the Label” The objective of the “Stand 4 Change” program is to get every student in America to stand up simultaneously at 10:00 a.m. Mountain Daylight Time on May 4th, and pay a … Continue reading

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Stand4Change Unites Celebrities and Millions of Children To Raise Awareness About Bullying

Millions of students and teachers stand as a demonstration to bring awareness to bullying prevention.   Bullying Prevention Initiative International is proud to announce our partnership in promoting Stand4Change.  Started by Ken Kragen and Defeat The Label, the man behind  “We Are … Continue reading

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Justin Bieber Recruits Casey Heynes To Take Stand Against Bullying


Justin Bieber Recruits Casey Heynes To Take Stand Against Bullying.

Using the star power of one of the most popular pop artists in the world, Justin Bieber takes a stand on bullying. Justin Bieber is not only one of the biggest stars in the world, he is also the most hated and bullied, especially if you look at the comments and social media online.

Justin Bieber Speaks Out Against Bulling on Ellen
Appearing on the Ellen television show, Bieber took the time to make a video message speaking out against bullying and encouraging others to step in to help when they see bullying.

Bieber Reaches Out to Bullied Boy Casey Heynes
But that wasn’t the end for Justin Bieber. Despite his demanding schedule and touring, he reached out to bullied boy Casey Heynes. Casey became famous after a video of him slamming a boy to the ground after being repeatedly punched. The outrage over his suspension from school resonated with people around the world. Yet another example of self defense being demonized as “fighting”.

In this video, Bieber reports that he saw the video on TMZ and felt compelled to reach out. He flew Australian Casey Heynes and his family in VIP style to his concert and brought him on stage to drive home the message on bullying prevention.

Bieber asked, “Was anyone standing up for you? (he continued)…More people need to stand up and do something… about bullying.”

A reporter chimed in asking, “Was bullying something that happened to you Justin? “Something that happened a lot for me. …In 6th grade I only had like two friends.”

According to reports, Justin Bieber was the one who really wanted to find Casey and make the meeting happen. He wanted to have Casey help spread his anti-bullying message.

It is encouraging to see a young celebrity like Justin Bieber using his star power for a good cause. Justin showed poise and manners that show a stark contrast from what we are used to seeing from many young celebrities today. Kudos Mr. Bieber and thank you for sharing a message of hope and reaching out to kids to make a difference.

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Avoid Bullying By Knowing Bullying Hot Spots

  Do You Know Bullying Hot Spots? Bodyguard Tactics for Bullying Prevention  In the close/executive protection world (that is bodyguard speak), attacks usually take place in places of transition.  It is getting into and out of cars and on the … Continue reading

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Bullying Comeback Lines – Back by Popular Demand… The Bodyguard Way To Handle Bullying

We’ve had so many requests at Bullying Prevention Initiative International for bullying comeback lines that we decided to post more of them here.  These responses have come from years of testing various comeback lines to bullying, harassment, insults, aggressive behavior … Continue reading

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Anti-Bullying – Bullying Prevention The David and Goliath Approach

Anti-Bullying & Bullying Prevention Info How To Beat Your Bullying Problem and Face Your Giants The David and Goliath Bullying Prevention Approach Bullying Prevention The David and Goliath Way Bullying Prevention Program Seeks to Change Children By Building Courage, Inner-strength … Continue reading

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New Bully Movie Aims To Improve Awareness on Bullying and It’s Consequences if Left Ignored

The Weinstein Company released a new movie called “Bully” by filmmaker Lee Hirsch that shows the harsh realities of bullying for some children. The movie is shot primarily in Sioux City, Iowa, a town representative of many places in America. … Continue reading

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